Amazing: This man went to Catholic school and still goes to church

According to multiple sources, local man Richard Davalos still regularly attends church despite going to Catholic school. His story has since been widely shared on social media as an inspiration.

“Yes, I still go to church. Everyone should,” Davalos said in his original social media post, now deleted. 

Davalos, 32, even went so far as to credit his Catholic education with his continued religiosity. 

“My Catholic school really instilled in me the importance of going to Mass every Christmas and Easter,” Davalos said. “It’s something I’ve never forgotten, and have been living by ever since.” 

Since reports first broke, multiple dioceses have reached out to Davalos in an effort to understand and replicate his success with their Catholic school systems. He claims his phone has been ringing “off the hook,” and he’s even become a minor superstar in the Catholic world. 

“The attention came out of nowhere. I’m just doing what every good Catholic should be doing, so it’s still surreal to me to be treated this way,” he said on Bishop Barron’s The Word on Fire Show

When asked what has changed the most in his newfound fame, Davalos was confided it hasn’t been easy. 

“It’s been hard to stay humble through it all. I just have to remind myself that I’m not perfect, and even I sometimes miss a year or two if things get really busy. That keeps me grounded.” 

Originally published Aug 23, 2022