Whoopsie! Classical Catholic School completely forgets to teach science

One local Catholic school is having a good laugh after realizing it completely forgot to teach science this year. 

St. Umbrafel Classical Academy, in Topeka, Kansas, accidentally cut all science out of the curriculum when they were adding in additional Latin and Greek classes. Administrators say they only realized it when putting together their course listings for advertising purposes.

“We boast an extensive curriculum covering all the bases,” Principal Thomas Hydrica read from the brochure. “In their first semester, students take Latin I, Greek I, Thomas Aquinas for Dummies, Scriptural Greek, Ecclesiastical Latin, Thomas Aquinas 101, Rhetoric I, Philosophy 200, Thomas Aquinas 202, Systematic Theology, and The Art of the Tractus 101.”

The Principal said it hit him when he got halfway through the Junior Year listings.

“Oh jeez, we forgot science and mathematics again!” he laughed, reenacting the moment. “Jim, you forgetful gosling. You got us again!”

The administrators and teachers struggled to contain their snickers as they recalled the hilarious faux pas. 

“Silly me everyone!” Jim said, chiming in. “I must have deleted that class when I added in Chesterton 400, Greek XII, Latin in Thomas Aquinas III, Ecclesiastical History 780, and Chestertonian Thomism 102.”

One of the teachers suddenly stopped laughing for a moment, before looking perplexed. 

“Wait, how are we going to have the schedule room to add Basic Science back into the schedule if we also wanted to add Men’s Fashion in the 1940s?” she asked. 

Principal Hydrica brushed it off with a wave. 

“Don’t worry Dr. Sarto,” he said. “We’ll just add both next year when we cut our sports program.”