Miracle: Carlo Acutis’ bath towel finally dries

The Church might have a new canonized Saint soon!

According to Vatican sources, a miracle has recently been confirmed through the intercession of Bl. Carlo Acutis. If true, this would be the final miracle needed to move the late Italian youth from a Blessed to a Saint. The Vatican insiders predict Pope Francis will canonize him within the year.

The miracle was the sudden drying of Bl. Acutis’ bath towel, hanging slightly damp in his room since his 2006 death from leukemia. Multiple scientists were brought on in consultation, but none of them could find any material explanation for the mystifying event.

“As a 15 year old boy, Carlo Acutis had a constantly moist bath towel hanging up either in his room or the bathroom,” said Dr. Pangelo Pangetti of the scientific review board. “All known laws of nature declare that such a towel can never completely dry; it will always be wet in at least some patches, even after running through the dryer.”

“But all of a sudden one day this towel turns bone-dry! It’s a miracle I say!”

The dry bath towel wasn’t the only miracle reported. Witnesses recount similar phenomena throughout Bl. Carlo’s former bedroom. A cleaning crew hired to prepare his room for pilgrims found his bed made perfectly, all his clothes in his dresser or hanging in his closet, and his dirty socks and underwear placed neatly in his laundry hamper. Taken together, the occurrences were mysterious enough to convince even the most stubborn members of the review team of a supernatural origin. 

“I’ve been an atheist my entire life,” one of the scientists said with a strange fear in his eyes. “But a 15 year old boy…this I cannot explain by my narrow philosophy,” he murmured before breaking down, sobbing. 

At press time, Pope Francis announced he would also be canonizing Carlo’s mother, Andrea, “for all the miraculous work she has done.”