Candy hearts replaced with candy severed heads of St. Valentine 

A cute new St. Valentine’s Day tradition is on the rise! 

Catholics are throwing out their candy hearts and replacing them with candy of St. Valentine’s severed head. Grocery stores throughout the country have been scrambling to order more severed head candies amid the surge of demand. 

“The heads are sold out almost the same hour a new supply arrives,” said Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, supply chain executive for Kwik-E-Mart, International. Nahasapeemapetilon informed us similar shortages of the candy are popping up throughout the global market. 

“I really can’t keep up,” he sighed.

The trend began on TikTok, when “tradorthocath45” posted a video of herself ranting against the popular multicolored heart candies normally associated with the holiday. The video quickly went viral, amassing over 5 views in just 8 days.

“St. Valentine was a martyr, people!” tradorthocath45 says in the post. “This is a CATHOLIC holiday. It’s time we start acting like it!”

The candies are inspired by St. Valentine, a third century Roman bishop beheaded under the persecutions of Claudius II. The candies are the shape of the martyr’s severed head in various pastel colors. The heads also contain messages in red letters with new phrases more appropriate for the season. Manufactures say the candies are randomly printed with 1 of 7 possible slogans:

  • Die 4 Christ
  • God Abuv All
  • Repent or Perish
  • Pray Always
  • Luv U (God)
  • Be My Sponsor 
  • Virgin 4 the Kingdom

Consumers across the board say they are excited for the change, but enthusiasm has been highest among younger shoppers. 

“I’m all about them,” Glyzie Benkart, 17, told us. “They look much cooler, but still have that ashy taste I crave every year!”

At press time, business leaders are considering adapting the candy heads for other holidays. Nahasapeemapetilon said they are already working on a meat-based severed head treat for St. Patrick’s Day, which should hit the shelves in early March.