‘It’s so nice praying the Rosary over Zoom,’ says prayer leader into muted mic

St. Isidore of Seville Parish’s “Rosary Prayer Group” met over Zoom for the 28th month in a row yesterday, according to the group’s leader Julie Brachman-Smith. 

“Before we begin the Rosary, I just wanted to pause and tell you all how beautiful it is praying together over the internet like this,” Bachman-Smith said to her muted computer microphone. 

“To an old-timer like me, I find it so cool that we can meet over the web. I know we were skeptical it would work at first, but God truly has given us a blessing in disguise through this pandemic,” she continued. “He’s used COVID for this Rosary group’s good. Now, we can pray with people all around the world!” she noted to her empty room. 

Sources allege the five other people from the parish who joined Bachman-Smith on the Zoom call would have agreed with her sentiments if they could hear her. Unfortunately, no one noticed she had spoken as everyone prayed their Rosaries with their microphones muted and cameras off.

At press time, Brachman-Smith was overheard telling her prayer intentions to her smartphone, who’s microphone is always listening. 

Originally published Nov 30, 2022