Tradition being held without bail in domestic abuse case

Tradition found herself in hot water again on Friday after domestic abuse allegations led to her arrest. No bail is being offered and a hearing date is yet to be named. 

The 2,000-year-old woman has been the subject of repeated legal disputes in her long career in the public eye. But many observers are saying these allegations are particularly serious. 

“Abuse charges, and domestic abuse especially, are always tricky to navigate,” says Lionel Hutz, legal consultant for The Daily Inquisition. “They often come down to one person’s word against another, and even if conviction is avoided the allegations can permanently cloud your reputation,” he explained. “Trust me.” 

Authorities issued a warrant for Tradition’s arrest in the evening hours of July 16 after what appeared to be a long-planned sting operation. A SWAT team was deployed as a precautionary measure, but Tradition was apprehended without incident. 

Originally published Jul 17, 2021