Anglican misses traditional Clown Masses

SUFFOLK, UK—Local Anglican Winston Yarbury was lamenting the loss of tradition in at his parish, sources close to him say. 

Yarbury, who regularly attends St. Mary’s in Swilland, was heard complaining “they just don’t worship like they used to.” 

“Growing up, I remember we had really vibrant, fun liturgies,” he allegedly told a friend. “Now everything just feels like a circus.” 

Yarbury went on to recall with fondness the old school Clown Masses he attended as a child. “No one respects history anymore. Everyone is on to the next ‘WOKE’ thing without paying homage to tradition—like the tradition of Clown Masses.” He asked, “Where is the reverence for the 60s, the 70s, or the 80s?”   

At press time, Yarbury is considering joining the Catholic Church, which still upholds the traditions of the 1970s at least. 

Originally posted Jun 1, 2020